1500 High CPC Keywords 2018 – Top High CPC keywords

You may know about CPC so you are looking for high CPC  keywords 2018.you can have a long breathe you are in extremely right place. here I will provide you a list of high CPC keywords which will help you to increase revenue.

Adsense one of the best CPM ads network is a revenue source of more than 75 percent bloggers and YouTubers. you are here than its pretty sure you are also a blogger or YouTuber whose source of revenue is adsense right!

If you don’t know about CPC, RPM, and CTR then why not to discuss them in brief before jumping towards the topic.This knowledge will help you to increase revenue.

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What is CPC in adsense?

1500 High CPC Keywords 2018 – Top High CPC keywords 4

The cost-per-click (CPC) is the amount you earn each time a user clicks on your ad. The CPC for any ad is determined by the advertiser; some advertisers may be willing to pay more per click than others, depending on what they’re advertising.

 So you can guess if you have more CPC you will earn more per click.what if you use keywords that have more than 200 CPC bid to write an article.you will earn 200$ for only one click.200$ is not a small amount for rising blogger or youtuber.

What is RPM In Adsense?

Page revenue per thousand impressions: It is calculated by dividing your estimated earnings by the number of page views you received, then multiplying by 1000.Rpm plays very important role to make aware of Adsense disable.If you don’t know then Adsense also pays for impression but it is in a small amount because of Adsense target only for CPC.

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What is CTR In Adsense?

high cpc keywords 2018

CTR is the click-through rate. It is the number of clicks received for every hundred ad impressions.In a sense, you need to keep in your mind CTR more than 10 have a chance of getting AdSense account banned.

Different expert has a different view on what Ctr should be in order to make adsense stand in a good score.In my experience CTR equals to 3.5 is best.

After a brief description, about 3 factor that helps you to increase revenue lets move towards topic high CPC keywords 2018.

some of the keywords may change their CPC bid according to time but most of the remains same.Do not have website make it for free

High CPC Keywords 2018

1.structured settlement annuity companies (234$)

2.structured settlements annuities (123$)

3.mesothelioma survival rates (146$)

4.truck accident attorney Los Angeles (182$)




8.DUI lawyer (47$)

9.Hire PHP developers (46$)

10.Hire PHP programmers (38$)

11.Computer science classes online (23$)

12.increase blog traffic (12$)

13.Seo companies (27$)

14.Social media tools (12$)

15.Social media strategies (5$)

Those are 15 high CPC keywords 2018 that are popular nowadays and you can make good money by making a content or niche site related to this keyword.if you already have a blog then you can easily write an article about any keywords that are mention above.

Now I will provide you more than 1500 keywords which have CPC between 20$ to 250$.by using these keywords you can make a really good money without any doubt.

1500 high CPC keywords 2018

mesothelioma survival rates
structured settlement annuity companies
mesothelioma attorneys california
structured settlements annuities
structured settlement buyer
mesothelioma suit
mesothelioma claim
small business administration sba
structured settlement purchasers
wisconsin mesothelioma attorney
houston tx auto insurance
mesothelioma lawyer virginia
seattle mesothelioma lawyer
selling my structured settlement
mesothelioma attorney illinois
selling annuity
mesothelioma trial attorney
injury lawyer houston tx
baltimore mesothelioma attorneys
mesothelioma care
mesothelioma lawyer texas
structered settlement
houston motorcycle accident lawyer
p0135 honda civic 2004
structured settlement investments
mesothelioma lawyer dallas
structured settlemen
houston mesothelioma attorney
structured settlement sell
new york mesothelioma law firm
cash out structured settlement
mesothelioma lawyer chicago
lawsuit mesothelioma
truck accident attorney los angeles
asbestos exposure lawyers
mesothelioma cases                                                                                                                                              emergency response plan ppt
support peachtree com
structured settlement quote
semi truck accident lawyers
auto accident attorney Torrance
mesothelioma lawyer asbestos cancer lawsuit
mesothelioma lawyers san diego
asbestos mesothelioma lawsuit
buying structured settlements
mesothelioma attorney assistance
tennessee mesothelioma lawyer
earthlink business internet
meso lawyer
tucson car accident attorney
accident attorney orange county
mesothelioma litigation
mesothelioma settlements amounts
mesothelioma law firms
new mexico mesothelioma lawyer
accident attorneys orange county
mesothelioma lawsuit
personal injury accident lawyer
purchase structured settlements
firm law mesothelioma
car accident lawyers los angeles
mesothelioma attorneys
structured settlement company
auto accident lawyer san francisco
los angeles motorcycle accident lawyer
mesothelioma attorney florida
broward county dui lawyer
state of california car insurance
selling a structured settlement
best accident attorneys
accident attorney san bernardino
mesothelioma ct
hughes net business                                                                                                                                             california motorcycle accident lawyer
mesothelioma help
washington mesothelioma attorney
best mesothelioma lawyers
diagnosed with mesothelioma
motorcycle accident attorney chicago
structured settlement need cash now
mesothelioma settlement amounts
motorcycle accident attorney sacramento
alcohol rehab center in florida
fast cash for house
car accident lawyer michigan
maritime lawyer houston
mesothelioma personal injury lawyers
personal injury attorney ocala fl
business voice mail service
california mesothelioma attorney
offshore accident lawyer
buy structured settlements
philadelphia mesothelioma lawyer
selling structured settlement
workplace accident attorney
illinois mesothelioma lawyer
mesothelioma attorney
truck accident attorney texas
auto insurance cost by state
personal injury lawyer sarasota fl
florida car insurance company
accident lawyers in los angeles
structured settlement cash out
mesothelioma settlements 2012
mesothelioma compensation
attorney lawyer mesothelioma
colorado mesothelioma lawyers
mesothelioma lawsuits
cell cycle regulation ppt
mesothelioma claims

Those are the keywords which have CPC from 20$ to 250$.You can use any of the keywords and increase your revenue.with high cpc keywords 2017 you can make a good amount of money.and it will also works for 2018.


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