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My name is Subodh Aryal . I am 17 yrs . I love Technology & Technological Things . I’m always in search of new Technological Things Going On . I am YouTuber , Blog Writer & More .I started My Journey In Computers From Class 5 . When my father brought first computer for whole family . It was not mine personal computer that i have got now . At that time i was unknown about computer and tech stuff only i about computer is the games on Windows XP , Listen Music , Photo , etc . But My Brother (Sangam Adhakari ) was kind of like expert for me . He Introduced Me To Internet And The Whole World of computer . I got my personal computer 2 yrs back . Then I started Tech Channel on Youtube As My Brother have one . So, now I am Writing Blog Here . I have Also Taken SEO Course Hope You Guys Will Support Me . Thank You # Subodh Aryal