Advantages of Google Chrome and Disadvantages of Google Chrome


Here are Advantages of Google Chrome and Disadvantages of Google Chrome . Advantages of Chrome is an extremely fast web browser it loads and displays pages very quickly.

Introduction To Chrome

Google Chrome is a freeware web browser developed by Google.Chrome was firstly release on September 2, 2008.Firstly, it was only introduced for Microsoft windows later introduced to Linux, mac os, ios, and Android as well.Until December 2016 it has more than 50%, active users.With this percentage, it has become best of a web browser. I am mentioning advantages of google chrome and Disadvantages of google chrome.

It is available in 47 languages with development state active.Below are advantages of google chrome and disadvantages of google chrome.

Advantages of Google Chrome

First, I will describe you some features and advantages of google chrome . Also I will jump to Disadvantages of google chrome.

It comes with a default dynamic homepage

Most people have a problem with setting homepage in a web browser. Chrome is the product of google so google chrome comes with an inbuilt homepage as google.

Easy search

 chrome has made search easy.You don’t have to go to search engine and search there.with chrome, you can simply search in the address bar and it will redirect you to the Google search automatically.

Moveable Tabs

with your mouse, you can easily move your tab at any time. You can make a separate window and can join a tab in the browser.This makes the browser more user-friendly.

Simple design and easy to use

Chrome team has made an effort to make a browser . So smooth and understandable.It has a simple design so that new user can also easily use it.

Many extension

 one of the cool features of chrome is it has developer tool and webstore.At webstore, you can get an extension for free.There are a lot of extension in chrome web store, that made a user easier to do stuff in chrome.

Popup translate

if you only understand English but you have to visit a Russian website. This pop-up translate will translate that Russian website to any language you want.This is an inbuilt feature of google chrome.

No Crash

Google chrome doesn’t is built with a non-crashable .it will never crash while you are using chrome for your search.

Incognito mode 

 with this mode you can search whatever you want without saving a search history.It helps in protecting privacy.

sync data

with this feature you can get your data on any computer which has just need to do is sign in on chrome and it will automatically sync your data in that Gmail which you can access from any part of the world.

Those are some noticeable advantages of chrome now lets have a look on disadvantages of google chrome.

Disadvantages Of Google Chrome

Heavy Browser – chrome uses a lot of memory (Ram) that other browser doesn’t use.It is one of the heavy browsers and may not be suitable for a low Ram Spec Computers.

No Warning- if you accidentally close your browser then it will not give any warning and closes all tabs at once.This makes this browser a little bit not user-friendly.

Non Customizable– compared to another browser like firebox it cannot be customized according to user wish.This makes a user fell non-efficient while using chrome as a web browser.

Privacy concern- it is clear that Google uses users search history and bookmarking for their advertisement.To target interest-based ads they can use your search history.You can say here a privacy concern while using chrome.

Those are the most noticeable advantages and Disadvantages of google chrome. If you know more you can comment on comment box and share with us.


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