Best Screen Recorder for Android Without Root

In this post you will find Best Screen Recorder for Android Without Root .This include all process of Best Screen Recorder for Android Without Root .

Best Screen Recorder for Android Without Root :

At old days you guys need to root your device before Android Version 5.0+ . But now Screen Recording in Android Phones are very much easy . Their are many android apps for recording the screen on Android with and without root . But in this post we will be telling you Best Screen Recorder for Android Without Watermark and also without Root . Which is very cool and good ! The best thing about this software is this software or app is totally free .

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Why Should you Get Screen Recorder for Android Without Root :

Rotting is the process or way by which you can simply get access to all the settings of android device . Rooting Android device is very easy as well as dangerous nowadays .Aftering rooting the android device you will be able to control the phone completely .By rooting, you can have the privilege to enjoy many features that are inaccessible to the unrooted devices . Here are some of the things that you can enjoy after rooting your device .

  • Keep Latest Android OS .
  • Install Incompatible Apps .
  • Make Complete Backups of Your Android Phone .
  • Boost your Android Device’s Speed and Battery Life .

As I mention above that rooting is not only cool but also is dangerous . The hackers can easily log In to your device and enjoy all your piracy and data . Also if you are a hacker and do not provide correct way and don’t clear your footprint . Then your android device can be easily re hack and the person can obtain your information . Here are some of the things that you should care or pay after rooting your device .

  • Rotting Device  voids your phone’s warranty .
  • Your device will perform late and slow .
  • More chances of getting infected by virus .
  • More chance of data piracy .

How to Recorder Screen of Android Without Root :

DU Recorder is one of the best screen recorders for Android to capture phone/tablet screencast on PC without rooting. Comparing to those Android screen recording apk, DU Recorder can do more than just capturing a screen video. The recorder can:

Many resolutions, frame rates, and bit rates available; support for HD video .

Pause/resume screen recording .

Enable front camera (facecam) .

Record external sound .

Control screen recording through floating window or notification bar; hide floating window for frameless video .

Display click operations in the screen recording .

Shake the device to stop recording screen .

Alternative storage location: Internal storage / SD card .

Brush: Touch screen to draw .

Using a Wi-Fi-connected computer, download videos and screenshots to your computer .

GIF maker: A GIF recorder helps you record screen as GIF .

Live creator: Livestream your screen to YouTube, Facebook and Twitch with DU Recorder .

How to Record Android Screen For Free Without Root :

  1. Install and open DU Recorder on your device .
  2. Click on the Setting Button after opening the App on your device .
  3. Select the video resolution and Video Quality as you want .
  4. If you want to record microphone the simple turn the Record audio on .
  5. Also you can select the output location and format of video .
  6. You can also turn on and off the watermark option which will be really cool .
  7. Also you can simply go Live with the DU Recorder App .

Here are some of the screenshots of the DU Screen Recorder . Thank You for reading the post . This screenshots can also be called as screenshot of Best Screen Recorder for Android Without Root for free .


Best Screen Recorder for Android Without Root 4 Best Screen Recorder for Android Without Root Best Screen Recorder for Android Without Root 2 Best Screen Recorder for Android Without Root 3

Other Features Of  DU Recorder / Screen Recorder For Android :

This app comes with a video editor build in which will help you to edit the video of your android screen very easily and fastly . The Video editor on the android screen recorder does not come with advance features . But this Build In Video Editor will allow you to :

  • Trim your video .
  • Merge videos .
  • Add Background Music of your choice . 
  • Adjust the volume of many audio and video tracks .
  • Also to add Subtitles .

Video Recorder By Best Screen Recorder for Android Without Root :


Conclucion :

You have read the Best Screen Recorder for Android Without Root . Also without Watermark this app is really cool  . This Recorder Provides a high quality video and also provides us oter built in features . The beast thing that I love about this Screen Recorder is Watermark . This DU Recorder does not shows and watermark in free version . Where as other shows very big Watermark while recording or after recording . 

Other Android Screen Recorder :

AZ Screen Recorder is a paid app but it is super cool . This recorder would be included in Best Screen Recorder for Android Without Root List but it is not free . The pro version is very cheap price $2.99 . The Pro version comes with no watermark and no ads and is simply very cool to use . The link that I have kept on this best about AZ Screen Recorder is totally free .If AZ Screen Recorder was free I would include on Best Screen Recorder List .


Hy my name is Subodh Aryal. I am the founder of Asubodh. You guys may be here through google search or youtube . Thank you everyone for being here and reading this post .

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