Fix : File is too large to copy for the destination file system

Fix : File is too large to copy for the destination file system 4

Yesterday one of my brother wanted to have Visual Studio 2015 on his USB Drive. I plugged it in to my laptop and tried copying the ISO file to the USB Drive but i was getting an annoying message that i can’t copy the file to the drive as it is too large for the destination file system. The ISO file of Visual Studio was approximately 7.22GB and i tried every way to copy it to his drive but could not make it. So i found a very best and easiest idea to do show. All you have to do is execute some piece of code in the command line.

“A Code seriously ? ? ” .

Well don’t freak out ?  because all you have to do is convert the file system of your USB Drive to NTFS because fat32 wont allow copying large files.

Now let’s begin the actual process.

  • Open Command Prompt with the Administration Rights.

To do so right click the Start icon (I am using Windows 10 here) and choose Command Prompt(Admin) and it will ask you then for the administration rights grant access by clicking on “Yes” and you should see your Command Prompt opening with Administrative Privilege on the top as show down below.


  • Now type convert X: /fs:ntfs /nosecurity

Now here since my drive is I: , i will type convert I: /fs:ntfs /nosecurity and press enter.

And as soon as you press enter you will get a message saying the drive has been converted in to NTFS.

Screenshot (175).png

Now try copying the ISO file which was 7.22GB in size , it will start getting copy.

It was not initially letting you to copy that large file because the file system  was probably Fat32 and hence it needs conversion to NTFS to allow copying large files.Thank you gus and this post in not of mine .


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