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As,we all know how to write blog post and how to make your blog attractive (using multimedia).But do you know how to rank your website on top of search engine isn’t it ? If you don’t read the blog till end . In This blog post you will be learning how can you see your blog / website / web page ranking in google or any search engine !!

Alexa Traffic Rank is a great tool for your browser which will help you a lot to see website ranking not only yours but also of others here are some screenshot of  alexa traffic rank extension for browser .

For seeing your page/website ranking you have to follow this simple steps :

1) Go to The Link (Click on this link for website ranking for free)

2) Click on Add

3) It’s a quick and simple step

4) Enable the extension

5) Go to your website and click on the extension icon

6) See the ranking and simple enjoy

Image result for Web Page Ranking

Benefits Of Web Page Ranking :

1) The Adsense can be easily approved .

2) Your Page can be Found In the first page of search engine .

3)   Traffic of Website Will be Increased .

4) The marketing will be very easy .

5) CPC of page will increased .

6) Cost of Website will increase .

How to Rank Website :

1) You can do Search Engine Optimization  (SEO) .

2) You can Use Backlinks Methods .

3) Update Contain Regularly .

4) Use alt tags .

5) Use High Search Keyword .

6) Share it on different social medias .

How See Website and Web Page Ranking For Free | 2018 1
Best Search Engine in the World :

1) .
2) .
3) .
4) .
5) .
6) .
7) Internet .

More Information About SEO :

I think you have understood about Search Engine Optimization . But you many be thinking of can we get job of Search Engine Optimization . So the answer is Yes you can get job in Search Engine Optimization . A good or best SEO expert will get very high paid money and can get many kind of request .You may also want to rank the page don’t you ?


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