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You find goods that you want in amazon but when you try to buy you got a message “This item does not ship to Nepal”What is a solution does there is amazon Nepal , How to buy from Amazon in Nepal? here is an answer for your all questions.Read Till end and watch the video, Then you will able to buy from Amazon in Nepal.

Amazon one of the Top e-commerce site does not have any branch in Nepal.There are few goods in Amazon which ships to Nepal.But most of the products deny shipping to Nepal.Anything can be reason But we have a solution.

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Amazon Nepal

As I said There is no branch of Amazon in Nepal that we can call it amazon Nepal.With a problem, there is a solution There are many shipping sites that help you to buy goods from Amazon.Among them, i have chosen the Best for you.

How to buy from Amazon in Nepal?

iWishBag is a shipping site that I usually recommend you. Iwishbag helps you to buy goods from Amazon Not only this I Wish Bags also helps you to buy goods from different big e-commerce sites like eBay, Walmart, and many other Indian shopping sites.

HOW To pay to Amazon?

Here you don’t need to pay to Amazon instead here you need to pay to iwishbags.This site will pay to Amazon And buy goods from Amazon and ship to you.

Payment method

  • Deposit money to iwishbag bank account.
  • Transfer money via e-Sewa.
  • Visit iwishbag office to cash payment.
  • Request Cash Pick (Additional charge)

Do iwishbags is Expensive?

Iwishbag is Not expensive as you think.We need to pay some amount of extra money according to your goods weight and size.I have used This site and I personally recommend you than any other shipping sites.

If you need any help you can visit FAQ page from Here




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