How to Earn Money Online 2018

Introduction :

Due to development of technology many things are done online now days . Basically people used Internet for communication purpose . You many be thing How to earn money online . But people use internet for earning money online nowadays . You guys many have gone through many kind of blog on the internet and may have found many ways to earn money online  . To earn money you must work hard in the certain sector and be focused . But in this post I will show the easiest way to earn money online .

Best Ways of Earning money Online :

  1. Online surveys
  2. Online marketing
  3. Websites and Apps Review for Money
  4. Write eBooks
  5. Affiliate marketing
  6. Use Fiverr 
  7. Adsense 
  8. Website Development
  9. Shrink URL

Which Is the Best Among Them to Earn Money :

In my opinion the fasted way to earn money is by Shrink URL . I have also earned a lot from the Shrink URL Idea . Firstly I made a Video On Youtube Which went viral and  added the URL that I have Shrink from the website and When people clicked the link I earned money which was very easy way to earn money for me  .

Best Site for Shrink URL :

The site that I used Before was Adfly . But Adfly  do not have friendly interface due to tish reason . I am going to introduce you with new site  Earn Samaj . This Site is newly launched and has a great interface . This site provides user 24 hrs of service and has a very good and user friendly environment .You can chose three types of plan In this site . The best thing Is the Referrals System  which provides us Refer friends and receive 20% of their earnings for life . Which a very good feature .Many services are available in this site . If you want to earn money that be sure to visit this site . The process of withdrawing the money is also very easy .

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Hy my name is Subodh Aryal. I am the founder of Asubodh. You guys may be here through google search or youtube . Thank you everyone for being here and reading this post .