How to grow on YouTube fast 2018 !!

Introduction :

Youtube is an video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California.Google bought the site in November 2006 for US$1.65 billion YouTube now operated by Google .

1) Post On Social Medias :

Post all the Youtube videos (not links)on you social sites . Also include call to action in the post . Most of the Engagement  that we get now is on the video . Not in the post .Example of call to action : Check out my other video on YouTube .

How to grow on YouTube fast 2018 !! 1

2) Good Keyword:

When choosing keyword  you can simply do quick search of the keyword in Google . If you see videos while searching keyword on Google . Then that is the good keyword .Get extra keywords on ” Searches related to ” (Eg : how to grow on youtube fast 2018 )

How to grow on YouTube fast 2018 !! 2

3) Channel Type:

Make your viewers clear about your YouTube channel category . Just don’t randomly add all types of videos on one YouTube channel . If you are making a gaming channel then only upload gaming videos on that channel . So that all the viewers / subscribers would watch the videos . If you go on uploading all kind of video in the same YouTube channel the many of the subscribers may unsubscribe your channel .Example Of Good Channel & Bad Channel :

4) Reply Comments:

To change viewers into subscribers replying every comment is also important . After replying comment on the video there will be a kind of relation between you and the viewers . I am sure that they will subscribe you . Also they can follow you in other social sites . Which will help you to increase your fan base .Example of replying comments :

How to grow on YouTube fast 2018 !! 3

5) Channel Trailer

This is a very good way to gain subscribers and views . Youtube gives an awesome component name as channel trailer that naturally play on opening of your YouTube channel. In that video make people clear about your YouTube channel and also tell them why they should subscribe your YouTube channel .Make The In Channel Trailer of about 30- 40 sec .Example of Good Channel Trailer :



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