How to Root Your Android Without Pc ! (Advantages and Disadvantages of Rooting )

Introduction :

As we all know many of the people now day use Android mobile .I am uploading trick and tips of android in my blog .In this post i will be making you clear about How to Root Android Without Pc .Alos what are the advantage and disadvantages of Rooting you android mobile phones .

What is Rooting ?

The process of allowing users of android device , tablets, and other devices running the Android mobile operating system to attain privileged control  within the Android’s sub-system is called Rooting .

What are the advantages of Rooting ?

Many of the people thing rooting a mobile phone is fun . But it also much risky !
1. You can modify your device completely .
2.You can add Custom ROM .
3. You can add Custom Kernel .
4. You will get access to all Parts of Android .
5. You can also remove Remove Pre Installed App .
6. Can completely  Backup Your Phone at any time .
7. You can Block all Ads in Any App .
8. Can Boost Phone’s Speed &Battery by doing Good Changes .
9. You can set everything you want in a mobile phone .
10. Also you can Install and Uninstall “Incompatible” Apps .

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What are the disadvantages of Rooting ?

If you do not have good knowledge about mobile phones then you may thinks that the rooting is fun and you must root your Android Phone .But you should not do so because it is very dangerous .If you do not have good knowledge about your Android Devices .

How to root android without pc :

In simple way you can you can simply try the way that i teach you in this post .But I tell you not to root your device If you don’t have good Knowledge about your Android Device .So for enabling the Root in your android device in simple way follow the steps given below :

1) Go to KingRoot .

2)Simply download KingRoot.apk from the site .

3)Install the KingRoot App with easy steps .

4)After installing the App Open it .

5)Click the simple root button .

6)After some work your device will be rooted .

7) You will be access to all the things .

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