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How to send email with password

Introduction :

As we all know Email is a great and very safe platform for  sending and receiving messages . Most of the people commonly use Gmail . Gmail is provided by Google .You may also be thinking How to Send Password Protected Email but we are not able to do so. Gmail service is providing good service from its beginning and it is also the most trusted Email service present on internet . Gmail is very wisely and commonly use . So to make Email or Gmail more secure in this post I will make you clear about how to send email with password from Gmail .

Why Email with password ?

You send and receive email generally for communication with your friends and family as well as your relatives . In many familay people use same Email or Gmail in all the devices .In some cases we also need privacy from our family also .Let me make you clear with an example . Many of you may use facebook and other services and you also may have privacy in the sites and services .If you want to use others sites and services you will need Password and Username or Email .The reasons for using password in Email are :To be double secured .To hide any thing very easily .To maintain your privacy .

How to Use Gmail Password Service ?

  1. Open any browser and go to
  2. Search for “secure gmail by streak” .
  3. Click n the first link which will relocate you to extension .

How to Send Password Protected Email !! (2018) - Asubodh 1

4.Click on add to chrome .

5. Once it gets download and install .

6. Open your gmail from

7. You will find a new icon just in side of “compose

8.Click on “?” Icon .

9.New compose Box Will Pop Up .

How to Send Password Protected Email !! (2018) - Asubodh 2

10.Fill this same as in the Gmail Simple compose .

11.Click the Blue Box and add password .

12. Then send the email easily .



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