Puffin browser | Best Browser Providing the Best Surfing Experience

Introduction :

How doesn’t want a better speed ? In today’s world people have moved very much forward and also use a lot of internet ..They also need very good and smooth running Internet Speed.Then You may be thinking Which is The Best browser Providing The Best Surfing Experience . Many of You many be thinking of Google Chrome . You are totally wrong .The browser Providing The Best Surfing Experience is Puffin . This Browser was released by CloudMosa for Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems in 2013 .

About Puffin Browser :

While most programs rely upon the restricted neighborhood figuring energy to render website pages, Puffin can use the boundless distributed computing energy to improve and speedier. So why was This browser developed ? Puffin was developed for performing and giving better surfing experience . Puffin browser is also available for IOS and Android Devices . Incognito mode is built in on the Puffin Browser from the beginning .

Puffin browser | Best Browser Providing the Best Surfing Experience 1

Speed Test Of Puffin Browser  :

Puffin Browser got the same layout as of the Microsoft Edge . Is is Quick And Very Easy to use . For testing the Internet Speed of This Browser . I will use speedtest.net which is by okal and many people use this for testing their internet speed .

1) Download And Install Puffin Browser .

2) After Installation gets complete , open the browser .

3) The Go to www.speedtest.net  .

4) Click on the Go Button Present on the Website .

5 ) In some Seconds you can see the result of the Internet Speed .

Puffin browser | Best Browser Providing the Best Surfing Experience 2


Conclusion :

As you guys are aware about the internet speed after using the Puffin Browser . In my opinion This browser is really cool and time saving browser which is really cool . But every time I start downloading from puffin browser the download stops and doesn’t start .So I don’t think is good for day to day work , For More Information about This Browser You can visit https://www.puffinbrowser.com/ . Thank you for staying till end .

Download Links :

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