Rules of Survival Players 2018 | Mistakes Made | Download links of ROS

Introduction :

Rules of Survival or ROS game is very popular among all the gamers nowadays . It has 150 millions players all over the world Which is a huge Amount . But there  are many common Mistake made by Rules of Survival Players they don’t care of . Rules of Survival is easily available for Android , Computer and alos for IOS .It also consist of Fireteam mode in this game which enables players to play with their friends .

Mistakes Made by Rules of Survival Players:

I usually play this game when I get bored . As I was a beginner I was not able to kill most of the people . From the started date to now . I think i have improved a lot . So here are some of the common mistakes made by the Rules of Survival Players or Gamers .

1.Fighting If you have less health :

Yes , If you have seen pro players playing games then you may have seen that the do not got to fight until the have full health or energy drink because they don’t know what will be next .So,I have seen many players going for fight even if they do not have required or full health .If you don’t have full health then it will be better to go away from the battle area .

2.Standing In Same Place :

So the main mistakes that the payer make is standing still or standing in same place for a lot of time because If you stand in same place for long time the opponents will get chance to target you easily and find you easily . If you keep on moving the if will be really difficult for the opponent to trace / target you .

3. Ignoring Shotguns :

Shotguns are the most power full gun among other guns in Rules of Survival and the third common mistake is not using shotguns . As we know shotguns can not kill or shoot long distance people but this can can knock down or kill any people with even a single bullet .

Download Rules of survival :

Rules of Survival for Android
Rules of Survival for IOS

Rules of Survival for PC


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