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Best Streaming Software 2019

Hello, guys in this article I will share Best Streaming Software 2019 providing great service till date . This article also include the Easiest Streaming Software 2019 for all the Live Streaming Platform . If you don’t know what is Live Streaming and How to use Streaming Software Then Don’t go back this post include all information about live streaming and its benefits .

What is Live Streaming ?

Live Streaming or Streaming is basically ” Sharing live information / data from your local computer to worldwide web using internet at the present time “. This may be audio , text , video all this can be live streamed on different live streaming platforms . Now days most of the people and streaming game play on many platform . The famous and easiest live streaming platform is You Tube and Twitch . 

What are Live Streaming Platforms?

You guys maybe clear about what is live Streaming ! But the questions comes what are live streaming platform and who owns Live Streaming Platforms ? . So ” The websites that provide live streamers to stream their Game play or Video audio materials of World Wide Web are known as Live Streaming Platforms “.Some of the famous live streaming platforms till now are You Tube and Twitch where Game play Streaming Is Growing day by day .

Who Owns Live Streaming Platforms ? 

This kid of live streaming platforms can be owned by anyone . But the problem is this requires much more money and a huge group of team . Which is very hard to have and is very time as well as money consuming . 

Image result for live png

What are People Streaming this Platforms?

People are very creative now days and doing many new thing on streaming platforms . Among all the things Game play Streaming is increasing day by day . People also do podcast about the this going on in locality in their live and many more . People now days are engaged in Live Streaming Platform Then In Television .

Which is the Best Streaming Software 2019 ?.

Their are huge number of live streaming software till date in 2019 . Everyone do not need Streaming Software for doing a simple live streaming . It means simple streaming of screen sharing and camera sharing are the small things in Live Streaming that do not need Streaming Software .Only Professional live streamers use  Streaming Software because they use many audio video materials in Live Streaming .

So the best streaming software and easiest streaming software that I think and I have used till now is Streamlabs OBS . The best streaming software that gamer use till now is Streamlabs OBS . All the professional people use this software for streaming software . This is also known as Best Streaming Software 2019 .

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About Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs OBS is one of the leading Streaming Software . Many of the professional You tubers and Streamers use this software for providing high quality audio and video . Streamlabs OBS provides us many visual graphical things and fully control on our live streaming . Streamlabs OBS is providing great service till 2014 .

Streamlabs For Android and ISO Devices

Streamlabs OBS is not only for Computer . It is also a Best Live Streaming App for Mobile Phones . After providing the batter service in Computer it has started to provide good service in Mobile Phones . Stream live to Twitch and YouTube in just a tap. Widgets set up automatically. Share your camera or screen. You can simply go live from mobile phones only on one click .

Service Compare to Streamlabs OBS

The List bellow include the list of Services provided by different Live streaming Platforms till now . The list bellow include comparison of Streamlabs OBS , Open Broadcasting Software and X split . Streamlabs OBS and Open Broadcasting Software are free . But X Split is not for free we need to pay some amount for using X split .

The Best Streaming Software 2020 1The Best Streaming Software 2020 2The Best Streaming Software 2020 3
Professional Use
Open Source
Realtime Troubleshooter
Realtime Discord Support
Virtual Webcam OutputVia plugin
1000+ Overlays
Face Masks
Twitch/YouTube Chat
Stream Labels
All in One Dashboard
Game Specific Encoding
Specialized Live Tab
Integrated Alerts

Download the Best Streaming Software 2019 

A quick download button for Streamlabs is available down bellow . The downloading process is very simple and quick click on the download button wait for five second and click on the button your download will automatically start .

The Best Streaming Software 2020 4 The Best Streaming Software 2020 5

How to Install Streamlabs OBS

  • Firstly download The Windows version on your PC and Open Software .
  • (You must be the administrative account from PC. )

The Best Streaming Software 2020 6

  • Click on I Agree and then click on Install.
  • After few second your software will be installed then simply lunch the software.

Also: download avast driver updater free

Start-Up with Streamlabs OBS

  • At first, you will get a sign In Option.
  • Select a Streaming Platform and Sign In.

The Best Streaming Software 2020 7

  • Click Allow then you will be redirected to dashboard .

The Best Streaming Software 2020 8

  • Then you Need to Click to Streamlabs OBS by clicking the button on the left top side of software screen .

The Best Streaming Software 2020 9

You can get a tons of free themes their for free . Their are animated themes and static themes which can be freely used by us for doing live steaming . I will download the PUBG Theme for my Live steaming using  Streamlabs OBS for totally free .This is the reason for Streamlabs OBS to be the Best Streaming Software 2019 .

Editing the Theme Downloaded on Streamlabs OBS 

The Best Streaming Software 2020 10

I will explain every thing related to Streamlabs OBS as shown in the Picture above with appropriate Number . As shown in the picture this is the working area of the Streamlabs OBS which is very easy to use .

According to No.1 :

Number one includes the sources of the live streaming . It means it includes all the audio and video materials . It means all the audio / video material like Photos , Text , Webcam , Screen Capture and many more . In the side of every widgets present in No.1 include eye button “👁” which helps you to easily hide and show the things on the stream .

According to No.2 :

Number two includes the screens that you have made or downloaded you can make for streaming very professionally and quality contains . It is used to make different screens for free . You can also easily switch the screens while live streaming just with simple click .

According to No.3 : 

As you see in the screen number three it includes all the audio and video settings . The first thing we can see is the audio output setting we get from the PC output . Then the second thing we get is the audio input that we give to the computer using our microphone and in the last we get webcam it you are using in in the widgets .

Conclusion of Being Streamlabs the best steaming Software of 2019 

Due to the service and things that that the Streamlabs provide us . I thing Streamlabs is the best steaming Software of 2019 because it also save our themes providing free live stemming themes . Some of the themes are also totally animated .


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