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E Commerce  sites are growing day by day not only in Nepal but also in other countries . Many people are connected to E commerce sites daily . In Nepal , Nowadays people prefer shopping online rather than going out for shopping in market . Due to the services provided by the E commerce sites like Goods at low price , Home Delivery , Feedback and many more .So here is the list of Top 5 Online Shopping Sites in Nepal . Nepal online shopping is increasing daily .

List of Top 5 Online Shopping Sites in Nepal 2018

1)Daraz / Kaymu

This is the leader of online retail in Nepal, offering ecommerce services for apparel, accessories, clothes, beauty products, electronics & general merchandise. Daraz / Kaymu also has its official app which is very easy to use which is available in Play Store and App Store . As mentioned above it has nepal online shopping app . It is also famous as kaymu online shopping nepal . (Top 5 online shopping sites in Nepal no 1)


Hamrobazar is free online classified store which allows many types of sellers to sell their products for potential and more consumers. The website also has its mobile app which enables the seller and buyer easily to connect with each other . The app is also compatible with android and ios devices .(Top 5 online shopping sites in Nepal no 2)


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If you want to shop online in Nepal via mobile app and then the most downloaded app for E commerce  in Nepal is Nepbay. Basically this online store provides a platform for buyers and sellers to easily sell and buy. Also it have launched the site which is same as mobile app .(Top 5 online shopping sites in Nepal no 3)

How To Buy from Amazon In Nepal-iwishbag| Amazon Nepal



Sastodeal is also one of the biggest online shopping site in Nepal. They have got different types of products with affordable price. All it takes is a few clicks to place your order and then the product will be at your doorsteps. It also provides all the necessary services for the buyers and sellers .(Top 5 online shopping sites in Nepal no 4)

5) Muncha 

Muncha is an branch of Muncha House which is a general store which has been in Nepal for over 70 years. It facilitates all Nepalese residing abroad to send gifts as well as money to Nepal .It also provides different kinds of services .(Top 5 online shopping sites in Nepal no 5)



Which is the best online selling site in Nepal ?

According to my point of view and the services provided my this online sites of nepal. The best online shopping site in Nepal is Daraz . Which is very easy to use and also have free and fast contacting service in it’s own page and app . Daraz also have the best services . So The Top 5 Online Shopping Sites in Nepal 2018 is Daraz in my opinion . nepal online shopping app are also available .


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