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Most of people reading this post are from Nepal . Once in your life you must write or type in Nepali . So you are here on How to Type in Nepali and want to learn how to type in Nepali here many ways for Typing any thing in Nepali .

Nepali Language

Every Language has it’s own importance . Nepali language also have a great importance . Nepali language was official started in 1038 BS . I was even not born when Nepali Language was introduced . From the year Nepali language start working in all over the country very smoothly . As you know their were no paper at that time so people started writing on stone and leaves .

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Importance of Nepali Language

Nepali Language is not an International Language . But this language has it’s own importance in Nepal and also in Language sector .In Nepal not only Nepali Language is applicable but many other language are also practised . But the governmental and official works are done in Nepali Language or Nepali Typing .This is also a great reason of Nepali Language having Great Importance .

Nepali Typing

As we all know now days English Language is very easy . The reason is we are learning english from the very beginning and we find it very easy . Nepali typing is also not really hard . If you try Typing in Nepali Language . You are in the right blog if you want to know how to type in Nepali Really quick and smoothly . This blog includes many ways of Typing Nepali language . Some of the ways are hard and some of the way are very cool and easy to type in nepali .

How to Type in Nepali

If you are thinking of typing you can type in one click then . It true you are going good for typing with simple click . You need to follow this blog and read this blog till end .

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  • Google Input tools

Google Input tools is a really great software developed by google and works really great . This software not only provides Typing in nepali language but also in many different languages . You can simply go to https://www.google.com/inputtools/try/ . For the trial version of google Input tool . But google Input tool is completely free . I have a great experience using this in my device . It is also available for android device .

1) Open the above url in your browser .
2) Click on The Popup English Icon .
3) Chose Nepali among the language .
4) Then simply Type in Nepali Language .

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  • Nepali Unicode

Nepali Unicode is available for PC not only that it is also available for android devices.So you can Type in Nepali from your mobile also .Just below this here is an example of Nepali Unicode and how does it works .


  • Speech to Text

Speech to Text is also a very great way to type in nepali language .In this process you simply should speak in front of your microphone and the speech to text will convert you speech to text . Visite this to Type in Nepali https://dictation.io/speech . This is how you can Type in Nepali Language very easily and quickly without even typing .

Conclusion of Type in Nepali

I hope After reading this post you will be able to type in nepali language easily and very smoothly . You many not get familiar with the ways to use it but if you follow this you will be able to type in nepali very soon .Thank You and be sure to share and Happy Nepali Typing .

How to Type in Nepali | नेपालीमा कसरी लेख्न / टाईप गर्न सिक्न ?


Hy my name is Subodh Aryal. I am the founder of Asubodh. You guys may be here through google search or youtube . Thank you everyone for being here and reading this post .

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