Vn Hax [Download] – The Ultimate Cheat for PUBG Mobile Emulator

vn hax features

Vn Hax is the ultimate cheat for PUBG Mobile Emulator. This cheat works on every Computer where PUBG Mobile Emulator is applicable. This really provides new experience to the gamer playing the game.


Who Made Vn Hax?

It was made by Vietnam which supports for both international as well as in Vietnam PUBG. The latest version of Vn Hax is V2.8.1. According to the developer the Vn Hax works really well all the time but some time it takes a lot to get start. But after it starts it works really well. Also read this post about IP Address.

Main Features of Vn Hax:

Here are all the features of Vn Hax that you can enjoy while playing the game on my PUBG Emulator. The features are categorized according to features which might even get your PUBG Mobile Emulator Ban .

Safe Features (Less Chance of Getting Ban)

  • Show Name : (Show name of Enemy + Name of Country)
  • Show Distance : (Show Distance of Enemy from your Location)
  • Line Draw : (Show Line above the Enemy head)
  • Show HP : (Show the Health Points of Enemy)
  • Show Box : (Show Box Around Enemy in 2D or 3D)
  • Draw Bones : (Show the Structure of Enemy)
  • People Alive : (Show Number of Enemy)
  • Show Grenade : ( Show timer and Location of Grenade)
  • Show Vehicle : (Show all Vehicle with distance)
  • Show Item : (Show the important item’s location)
  • Aimbot : (Allows you to decide aimbot position)
  • Aimbot Key : (Allows you to chose aimbot key)
  • Aimbot Speed : (Allows you to set time for aimbot)
  • Fix CPU Usage : (Fix your High CPU Usage)
vn hax pubg mobile emulator

Dangerous Features ( High Chance of Getting Ban)

  • No Recoil : (Remove Recoil of Weapons)
  • No Scope Shaking : (Remove shake of Scope while Shooting)
  • No Grass : (Hide all the Grass)
  • Fast Scope Open : (Open Scope Fast)
  • Fast Car : (Increase Speed of Vehicle)
  • High Jump : (Allows you to jump high)
  • God View : (Increase the View making Neck Long)
  • God Hand :(Makes your Hand Longer)
  • Fly Car : (Allows you to fly car)
  • Fast Walk : (Let’s you walk fast)
  • Fast Landing : (Allows you to land fast)
  • Jump Objects : (Allows you to jump through Several objects fast)
  • Teleport Car : (Teleport your car)
  • Magic Bullet : (Increase the damage rate)
  • Anti Ban : (Make your account little save form getting ban)

Will Tencent Ban Account If You Use Vn Hax ? 

Yes if you are thinking Tencent will ban account if any one report then you are right. If the Tencent finds that you are using VnHax. Also your IP Address will get ban even if your make new account form same IP Address your new account will also get ban.