Amazing Web Hosting Services Available in Nepal

Nowadays, a large number of people carry mobile phones, Laptops for their day to day work and has access to the outside world with the help of internet. With the craze of inter in this century there comes the word digital marketing and people require websites for doing digital working besides social networking sites. The other option where many people move forward for is through websites, for that you need domain and web hosting.

What is Domain

Domain virtual address of your website which anyone in the web can view it by typing your domain name. Domain name is used because people find it more difficult to remember the IP Address of the specific website so for the easy process, the domain name is used instead of the IP.

What is Web Hosting

Web Hosting is a service provided by an individual or group of individuals to person or company to run their website in their computers or servers. Web Hosting services makes your job really simple by doing all the technical jobs by themselves and your job is to publish your site to the hosting provider.

Web Hosting Providers in Nepal.

In Nepal, it is really difficult to find cheap web hosting services with customer support and other many features that customer requires from the hosting provider. The List of web hosting providers that are arranged according to the ratings, hosting fees and customer support provided by the company.

1.Gurkha Host

Amazing Web Hosting Services Available in Nepal 1

Gurkha Host is a web hosting providing company owned by Thulo Group of Companies and are providing web hosting since 2010. Gurkha Host has cheap Web Hosting Services the cheapest one starting from Rs, 1750 per year with SSL certificate installed for 3 months and 24 / 7 Customer Support. Gurkha Host has VPS and Cloud Servers Enabled and those who are interested they can visit Gurkha Host. Google Cloud and Google G Suite are also available for customers to purchase. You can purchase domain names from here at cheap price and support if you required.

Purchase can be made from Khalti, Esewa, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Connect IPS.

2. eHosting Nepal

Amazing Web Hosting Services Available in Nepal 2

eHosting is another Hosting Provider in Nepal which provides Cheap Web Hosting to the customers. They are popular for selling Linux based web hosting and have cheap rates. compared to Gurkha Host they sell it in cheap but Gurkha Host 24/7 Customer Support, 30 days Money back options and unlimited bandwidth in which Gurkha Host is much more reliable and provide good services. If you want to joint eHosting Nepal it is also a good option for starter package starting from 500 MB at Rs 500 per year.

Purchase can be made from Esewa, Skrill, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Bank Transfer and Connect IPS.

3. Himalayan Host

Amazing Web Hosting Services Available in Nepal 3

Himalayan Host is one of the oldest web hosting provider of Nepal established in 2007 and providing quality web hosting services to their customers. Himalayan Host has a good rating and is trusted by some popular organizations of Nepal. The Himalayan Host provides Alibaba Cloud, AWS, Google and many more services to the Nepali Customers.

The Price of getting starter hosting is low with limited bandwidth and less SSD storage. The Himalayan Host is also trusted Hosting Providers of Nepal. Tou can buy Domains From there and they do include SSL certificates and C Panel Access to the Customers.

There are many other Web Hosting Providers In with better services these are the web hosting services that are marked good as I have tried the services of many web hosting providers and found these are one of the best web hosting provider of Nepal. Also Techy Mod provides more amazing post like this.


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