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what are bitcoins and how do you get them

Introduction :

₿ is the symbol of Bitcoin.We know technology is developing day by day  . So to make our life more easier and secure may of the things are developed and invented . We can take example of services of internet like Internet , Video Call , Fax Machine , E-mail and many more . Also to make easy many of the digital currency are made . Bitcoin is also a digital currency which has very high value .

Who made Bitcoin?

Bitcoin don’t have a genuine founder it was introduced by a unknown group as open source software . Once a person named Nakamoto told that he was the founder and admin of Bitcoin . It is also said that Nakamoto have many Bitcoin with him which have a very high price .
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How does Bitcoin works ?

Bitcoin work same as the payment method that we commonly use in our daily basis like PayPal ,Paytm , E-sewa and many more . The sharing method of Bitcoin is also known as “Blockchain”.Block Chain it not so common and familiar term .Bitcoin sending and receiving process is totally secured and is totally anonymously done . People or any computer geek cannot track or trace Bitcoin sharing . So mostly it is used bye the criminal to do their work .

Bitcoin and Dark Web :

Simply Bitcoin and Dark Web are related to each other because Bitcoin cannot be traced .So many of the works that are done in the Dark Web are done using Bitcoin because it is bit secure . In dark web Hitman have their website and they charge alot for the work all in the form of Bitcoin .

Reasons For Making Bitcoin Illegal :

  • Bitcoin don’t have a genuine administrator .
  •  Bitcoin can’t be traced .So Bitcoin fraud can be done easily .
  •  The country is not much developed in IT sector .
  •  They want the people of their country to be safe and secure .
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How to earn Bitcoin ? Is Bitcoin Illegal in your Country ?

So,you may be thinking how to earn Bitcoin and it is illegal in your country or not . For finding it is illegal in your country or not you can simply google it . And for mining you need very power full computer and it take a lot of time .It is also possible in your small computer but your computer may get damaged due to more heat generation .What if you do Bitcoin selling in your country .If it is totally illegal Police will take you jail if you will do Bitcoin sending and earning in your country .
List of country where Bitcoin is Illegal till today’s date :
  •  Nepal
  •  India
  • Bangladesh
  • Zimbabwe
  • Bolivia

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  What is the Price of Bitcoin ?

If you are thinking of buying Bitcoin then Stop thing of the thing because is is very high and out of the capacity of normal person .The easiest way  to Earn Bitcoin is by mining the Bitcoin .Mining is a very easy method if you are having fast pc then you can earn Bitcoin from Mining Bitcoin Fastly and Safely .But ,If you are a dum and slow computer then you cannot get Bitcoin fast and in more amount .The price of Bitcoin keeps on increasing and decreasing very fastly .

Some Interesting Facts About Bitcoin :


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