What is Dark Web ? Advantage and Disadvantages of Dark Web ? Contain of dark web !

Introduction :

As we daily use internet as a information resources and communication medium . Many of the people have habit to using facebook at morning . After they get up they say hey hello and before they sleep the surly say goodnight .The net that ordinary people use like facebook ,google,twitter,instagram,youtube is totally different from Dark Web or Deep Web .

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Dark Web or Deep Web :

By the above image you might not be totally clear about Dark Web and Deep Web . As you can see in the image Surface Web includes Google ,Bing,Wikipedia and also include facebook . In the picture you can see Deep Web which includes Academic Information ,Medical Records ,Governmental Resources and many more . Dark Web is the most secured network that can’t be found easily which includes the above information as shown in picture .

Things In Dark Web :

  • Botnets : 

Botnets are the huge number of computer which is controlled by certain person to perform a huge task without the knowledge of user .

  • Bitcoin :

Bitcoin is cryptocurrency which is digital money and is available all over the world but in some country bitcoin are made illegal . Eg : Nepal,India

  • Hacking groups :

Hacking groups are the groups of hackers present in the Dark Web who take money from the user to hack websites or any thing connect to internet of anyone .

What is Dark Web ? Advantage and Disadvantages of Dark Web ? Contain of dark web ! 1

  • Phishing :

Phishing is the process of obtaining information about victim by creating fake pages or duplicate pages . Many of the Phishing page do not have SSL  . Many phishing page do not include https before the domain .

  • Pornography :

Many rules are made to avoid child pornography in our country and also on internet but people keep on uploading iligeal child pornography in the Dark Web .

  • Terrorism :

Terrorism not only means people fighting with guns and bombs but also include cyber war and in Deep Web or Dark Web many hacking group are present to hack on order .


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