What is IP Address ? How to find IP Address ? 2018 (Asubodh)

What is IP Address

You may be thinking How to find IP Address before that you have to know something about IP address . IP address is a unique identity that is provide different identify to every devices connected to the internet . Every device connected to internet has different IP address which helps it to send receive and generate information .IP address is very simple and easy to understand .

If we have to send any goods to our friends living in Europe . We should know their address where we want send gifts. Same if we have to send or receive any information to device we needs it’s IP address though which we can easily share and receive information .

Types of IP Address : (IPv4 and IPv6)

The basic and simple IP address that we use in our house or while doing day to day activity is IPv4 which is very common . IPv6 is the updated Version of IP address which provides many IP address then IPv4 .

What is IP Address ? How to find IP Address ? 2018 (Asubodh) 1

The way IPv4 address are constructed means it’s able to provide over 4 billion unique IP addresses (232). IPv6, nevertheless, supports a monstrous 340 mound, whole, whole addresses (2128). That’s 340 near 12 zeroes! This mode everybody in the world may perhaps associate zillions of devices to the internet.

How to find IP Address

Different devices have different methods of obtaining IP address. Also their is different method of finding Public and Private IP address .

How to find Public IP Address

Their are various ways of obtaining Public IP Address the way of obtaining Public IP Address is by using this sites and tools  IP ChickenWhatsMyIP.org, or WhatIsMyIPAddress.com which makes your work very easy to use and which is super easy to use .

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How to find Private IP Address

For finding the Private IP address you can use cmd (Command prompt) in your  Windows / Operating System . After opening Command Prompt you can type “ifconfig” .

From mobile also it is very simple to find your private IP address you can simply go to . Settings > Wireless Controls > WiFi settings . Then tap on WiFi setting and you are good to obtain Private IP address from your phone also .


IP Address classes

Types and classes of IP address are different things . There are certain factors that determine the classes of IP address and the security of your devices also depends on the class of IP address and kind of IP address you are using or your device have .

The IP address classes are divided in A,B,C,D and E class . The IP classes are divided according to different feature the Device and IP address have .The portion below can help you to understand it correctly and nicely .

Class A = to
Class B = to
Class C = to
Class D = to
Class E = to

IP Address Tracker

IP address tracker works on the basis of IP address of the devices connected to the internet .Their are different advantages and disadvantages of IP address tracker . It helps us to know the ad dress of the device using IP address Tracker which is very good as well as bad thing .

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What can you find from IP Address

You maybe clear about what is IP Address tracking .Now you maybe thinking what can we find using IP Address tracker .You can find country , capital, state,location,ISP(Internet Service Provider),Internet speed .You can find many useful information from IP Address Tracker .

How to use IP Address Tracker

Using IP Address Tracker is simple as finding the IP Address you can use ip tracker.org iptrackeronline iplocation and many more site are their on internet .But my personal best is iptracker.org which is easy and fast to use .

How to change IP Address

You can change IP Address for PC as well as Phone their are very few steps of changing the IP Address from your PC and mobile .By changing IP address no problem will occur in your networking experience and no error will occur during this process in your device .

Change IP Address from PC

1.Open control panel and go to Network and Sharing Center .

2. Click on Change Adapter Setting from the left side of screen .

3.Double click on the Connection .

4.Then, Open Properties .

5.Double click on IPv4 item from the list.

6.Select Obtain an IP address automatically to have the router control the IP address.

Change IP Address from Mobile

1.Open Setting on your phone .

2.Go to WIFI settings .

3.Tap the small icon present there . eg : (i)

4. Then enter the network details as your wish .

IOT Needs IP Address

You may be thinking does every IOT have IP Address ? The answer is Yes, Everything connected to Internet has IP Address because IP Address help them to work and function and do all the works that can be performed by them .IP Address talks to the server and the server gives information to the IOT using IP Address and work according to the information given by the server to the IOTs .

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What is IOT

In simple language IOT refers to everything that is connected to the internet and perform the works with the help of internet . The server provides information to the devices connected to the internet . In developed countries all the things are connected to the internet like Printers ,Gas lines,Pipelines and many more things works on basis of internet .


Hope you have understand a lot about IP addresses .Also you have learned about Internet of Things . I want to make a quick list that you have learnt from the blog post just down bellow this conclusion .



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